It’s common knowledge that bodybuilders entering into competition go to great lengths to achieve the desired look. For all their body mass and definition, they are almost always their weakest on stage and often in physical distress.

They still talk about Munzer. Flex, a bodybuilding magazine, named Munzer one of the 10 most defined bodybuilders of all time and rhapsodized about his look. “His chest and delts divided into so many strands they resembled piles of cocktail straws. quads were like rows of stacked dominoes. His triceps had more lines than Hamlet.”

Munzer felt particularly bad before that Arnold Classic. It wasn’t just weight loss brought on by a pre-competition starvation diet and dehydration.000 worth of PEDs a month: injecting two ampoules of testosterone a day;

Munzer finished sixth. Two weeks later, A post-mortem revealed that his liver had practically dissolved, prompting massive organ failure. Arnold sent a wreath to Munzer’s grave.”

Pak-Man walked out on the stage where Andreas Munzer, all but dead, posed for the last time. Pak-Man had made it through the qualifying rounds and into the final six, the headline show. Some well-known names didn’t make the cut and turned backstage into a vipers’ nest of recriminations. “I’m sick of this shit with the judges,” said a seemingly perfectly proportioned bodybuilder name Ed “Second to” Nunn, who suggested the standings were determined before the show.

Jackson responded in kind. To Pak-Man, Pak-Man is, “not genetically gifted, a guy who has to work for everything,

” A couple of minutes later, just relieved that this ordeal was at an end. One by one, ascending, fifth, fourth and then third, applauding each. It came down to Dexter Jackson on a quest for a record-tying fourth Arnold Classic, and Pak-Man.

knew how it was going to turn out. Likewise those on stage.

Later, a clear signal that victory at next year’s Classic looms out there. Backstage, Pak-Man pulled off grace in defeat, but those who are in political favour never complain about politics. “I’m not coming in without a pro win and beating Dexter, ate some chicken and rice, and, against recent form, managed to keep it down.

I’ve always found steroid forum to be helpful in my experience. Arnold had an announcement to make. as hotly rumoured, That deal wasn’t quite finalized, but it would be by early summer. Arnold will “be back” in front of cameras in his famous role when shooting starts in January,

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